Together we can bring more color, fun and personal interaction to the world! Do you think you would make a good Painting with a Twist® franchisee?

How to Qualify

To qualify as a franchise partner, you need:
  • Net worth: $200,000+
  • Liquid net worth: $100,000+
  • Credit Score: 670+
  • To complete our "Online Request for Consideration" form
  • To go through our approval process

The Process

It typically takes between 2 ½ – 7 ½ months to become a franchise partner of Painting with a Twist®.

Submit an "Online Request for Consideration" Form

Upon approval, you will be invited to attend a Discovery Day

Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) provided at Discovery Day

FDD Review/Request Franchise Agreement

LLC/Corporation Formation

Franchise Agreement Preparation and Delivery

Franchise Agreement Execution

Request Application

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