See what our franchise partners are saying:

How would you describe the process of opening your own Painting with a Twist studio?
Everything was smooth from our first meeting with Cathy and Renee to opening. It was all meant to be!
Kim Augsburger
Franchise Partner in College Station, TX
How would you describe the culture of Painting with a Twist?
Infectiously fun!
Tara Fitzgerald
Franchise Partner in Charlotte and Huntersville, NC
What’s your favorite or most rewarding customer story?
We hosted an event for Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc. Two of the attendees were blind, but our artists used Elmer's glue to outline the painting and they were thrilled with their first artistic creation! They commented that we were amazing since we could teach the blind to paint.
Leslie & Marvin Gay
Franchise Partners in St. Petersburg, FL
How has Painting with a Twist changed your life?
I've been able to give away a lot of money, which I would have never been able to do. It's given me the flexibility to do some things I never had the time or money to do.
Colleen Coppenger
Franchise Partner in Grapevine, TX
How would you describe the Painting with a Twist partner experience?
Painting with a Twist is like working with friends and family.
Amanda Dossey
Franchise Partner in Atlanta-Buckhead, GA
How has Painting with a Twist changed your life?
Painting with a Twist is everything that a franchise should be. As a practicing physician, I opened my first studio as an entrepreneurial and creative outlet. With the opening of my second studio, I stepped away from medicine and became a small business owner. Throughout my three year journey, the franchise has supported, guided and befriended me.
Jan Larson
Franchise Partner in Philadelphia, PA
What attracted you to Painting with a Twist?
[We had an] interest in owning our own company, but this new venture needed to have 'give back' as part of the business. Upon seeing a family member painting at a NOLA PWAT, I knew immediately that I would love being part of an organization that allowed the general public to accomplish something they wouldn't be able to without the help.
Cheree & Steve Gallant
Franchise Partners in Mason and Western Hills, OH