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How Much Can I Make?

Learn about Painting with a Twist revenues in detail from franchisees in the field

Painting with a Twist cannot guarantee or predict any earnings. However, one of the most commonly asked questions is, “How much can I make?” As a qualified candidate, you will have an opportunity to talk to our existing franchise owners during the validation process. They understand the financial picture for franchisees better than anyone, and they are free to disclose any details about their own past and ongoing financial performance.

How we help you attract guests

Our core guest acquisition strategy is grassroots marketing, social media and community networking. At Painting with a Twist, our experienced marketing team has developed a step-by-step process, from helping devise a customized marketing program for your area to coaching you on the best ways to execute that plan.

“Because it’s so different in every market and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, it takes a lot of perspiration when it comes to marketing and getting guests in,” says Richard Leveille, Chief Development Officer. “We understand social media is ever-changing, so we have either third-party vendors or a staff of people that supports most of those social media activities. That way the franchise owner is not spending countless hours figuring out how to place an ad or where it should be displayed. We have resources to assist our owners with that.”

That attention to interaction plays a huge role in guest acquisition. We also build and maintain websites customized for each franchise owner’s location, and we build and maintain world-class art libraries as well.

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“We have over 17,000 individual pieces of art that we have copyrights on, and we have exclusivity too with pieces created by either our corporate art team or our franchisees’ artists.” Leveille says. “So, we have a tremendous art library. We have tremendous social media activity. We have the websites that deliver, and that helps our franchise owners focus on guest experience.”

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