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International Inquiries

International Development Programs

Area Development Agreement (ADA)

The Area Development Agreement (preferred) is defined by a commitment to open a certain number of studios, in a prescribed period of time, within a certain geographical area. Our ADA does not offer sub-franchise rights. All studios will be owned and operated by our designated franchise partner. In order to achieve economies of scale and to make it feasible for us to enter the new market, we require that a minimum number of studios are to be opened under a pre-determined schedule. The minimum number of units, and schedule for all ADAs, are determined on a case-by-case basis. We do not offer single-unit International franchises at this time.

Master Development Agreement (MDA)

Our Master Development Agreement is similar to our Area Development Agreement, but it also allows sub-franchising units directly. The Master Developer is then responsible for all franchise support functions to its sub-franchise partners. The MDA program is typically reserved for organizations that already have experienced infrastructure and resources to support a franchise network.

For more information regarding Painting with a Twist ADA and MDA franchise programs in your country and for personal and financial requirements:


PHONE +1 985 626 3292

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