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Guests in a Painting with a Twist studio are viewed from the back as they all work on some version of a canvas with diagonal stripes of blues and pinks in the upper right-hand corner.

5 fast facts about Painting with a Twist franchise

February 5, 2020

Did you know that Painting with a Twist franchise invented the franchised paint and sip business? And 4 more fast facts below.

It’s true. Someone has to be first, and Painting with a Twist was that someone. We started out after Hurricane Katrina as Corks & Canvas, and we quickly learned how much people loved the concept.

If you’ve been considering owning a paint and sip business, Painting with a Twist should definitely be on your short list. We pioneered the field and we continue to innovate. Our fresh leadership team has deep franchising experience. In other words, people who have executed this business model successfully, hundreds of times, for more than a decade will be with you every step of the way.

Here are five fast facts you should know about Painting with a Twist:

We invented the franchised paint and sip business category. There may have been some mom-and-pop concepts out there. And speed painting was a thing — an artist friend of our founders suggested it to them when they were looking for a business together after Hurricane Katrina. But Cathy Deano and Renee Maloney put their own twist on the idea, added wine and voila — a new franchise category was soon born.

We didn’t set out to become a franchise. People demanded it. Cathy and Renee never even thought about franchising at first. They simply wanted to find a business that would allow their community in the New Orleans suburbs to get their minds off all their troubles. The concept caught on so quickly and so well, however, that people began approaching them about opening a franchise. Over a decade later, Painting with a Twist boasts approximately 300 studios open or under development in 39 states, and we’re continuing to grow. 

People think we’re an art instruction franchise, but we’re really an entertainment franchise. Painting with a Twist isn’t about becoming a great artist. It’s about taking a few hours away from the daily grind. It’s about escaping from all your worries. It’s about connecting with friends and soon-to-be friends in a place that’s fun and creative. With drinking. What could be better? As a franchise owner, your customer service skills and networking abilities will be far more important than any artistic talent you may or may not possess. This is the perfect franchise for someone who is passionate about people and making connections.

Regular charitable giving is part of our brand mission. Every month, our franchise owners host an event called Painting with a Purpose. It’s just like a regular event at Painting with a Twist except that proceeds go to a deserving local nonprofit organization. It’s one of the key pillars of our brand, and to date we’ve raised over $5 million for charities nationwide.

Our art library includes 15,000+ copyrighted works. And it’s growing all the time. Individual franchise owners hire artists who contribute their own original pieces as well, so if you open a studio you’ll be able to host events where your guests can paint the city skyline in your hometown. The diversity of topics is one of the many things that drive guests to our studios and keep them coming back. It’s all part of the customized marketing plan we’ll help you develop when you join the Painting with a Twist franchise team.

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