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A woman in a surgical face mask and a red shirt and apron paints a canvas of moonlit cherry blossoms in a Painting with a Twist studio.

Painting with a Purpose

October 15, 2020

Our paint-and-sip franchise was born from purpose. We never saw a reason to stop giving back.

Our roots run deep when it comes to giving back to the communities we serve. Our business was born when founders Cathy Deano and Renee Maloney were seeking something to distract their neighbors from the devastating floods of Hurricane Katrina. Ultimately, that evolved into the paint-and-sip franchise as we know it today.

Even before they founded Painting with a Twist, Deano and Maloney were community organizers for whom giving back was always second nature. That’s why charitable giving has always been a brand pillar.

Painting with a Purpose is an ongoing program in which franchisees host a royalty-free event once a month with a local charity in which they would donate up to 50% of the proceeds back to that charity.

Queens, New York, franchise owner Felicia Singh loves the program. Her local studio has partnered with the ASPCA, the Breast Cancer Association and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. 

“People want to raise funds for these organizations. We encourage the organizations to attend the event and they sell raffle tickets and we give them 50% of the proceeds for their organization,” Singh says. “Everyone is just thrilled about it. They’re having fun, and it’s for a great purpose. What’s not to love?”

Ahead of its time

CMO Katherine LeBlanc says Painting with a Purpose is indicative of what our paint-and-sip franchise truly stands for. To ensure the most money goes back to the charity, Twist gives franchisees a break on royalties on Painting with a Purpose events. 

“As Twist started franchising, they really wanted to encourage their franchisees to participate in this community give-back program, and so they said one event per month could be royalty-free in order for them to facilitate giving back up to 50% of their proceeds to a local charity.”

LeBlanc notes that hosting such events is not only altruistic, it can also help franchisees get the word out about their studios.

“From a marketing perspective, I get so excited because this is a brilliant local studio marketing avenue,” she says. “You’re exposing your brand to brand new people, once a month, who are motivated to pay money to experience the event because it’s connected to a cause that they believe in. You’re connecting with potential guests in a very meaningful way, and you’re exposing the brand to a brand new audience every month.”

Although Twist does encourage franchisees to choose a different charity for each event, they are free to choose organizations to which they feel a connection. “We know how important that is,” LeBlanc says. “They’re encouraged to work with charities that they’ve worked with in the past or that have a special meaning to them, which allows them to tell the story of why they want to partner with them.”

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If you’d like to learn more about becoming a franchise owner with Painting With A Twist, we’d love to hear from you. You can explore more about our brand on our research pages, or fill out the form on this page to start a conversation.