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Painting with a twist franchisee

A Day in the Life of a Painting with a Twist Franchisee

January 5, 2023

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a franchise owner looks like, particularly one at Painting with the Twist? You’re in luck! We interviewed one of our dedicated franchisees and got the inside scoop. From the flexibility of setting your own hours and finding an opportunity that inspires and challenges you to grow to the joy of providing guests with one-of-a-kind experiences — BYOB (being your own boss) can’t be beat!

If you don’t think you have what it takes to become a franchisee, think again! Get inspired and learn more about what your life could look like as a franchise owner at Painting with a Twist. 

Who is Kimberly Wells?

Kimberly Wells, a long-time franchisee, earned her BBA from Baylor University. Before joining Painting with a Twist, she worked as a customer service analyst at an automotive corporate office. This career gave her great insight into how companies operate. She was overworked and eventually decided that it was time to be her own boss. Kimberly fell in love with Painting with a Twist after attending an event in Dallas, and after learning more about the company, she knew she’d found the right opportunity.

Now, Kimberly has been in business for 10 years and owns a studio in Longview, TX! She is a mom to two young boys, and she enjoys gardening, spending time outdoors with her family, reading, and being crafty. She took control of her life. Are you ready to do the same? 

What is a Franchisee Responsible for?

Franchise owner responsibilities aren’t always the same each day. With unique customer situations, managing employees, and various roles and responsibilities, there’s hardly a time when BYOB’ing becomes mundane or boring. 

But what are the responsibilities of a franchisee? Kimberly was able to shed some light on her most common daily duties, here are just a few: 

  • Social media posting
  • Creating advertisements
  • Communicating with employees
  • Answering phone calls and emails
  • Interacting with customers during business hours
  • Cleaning the studio

What Does a Day in Kimberly’s Life Look Like? 

Kimberly has been her own boss for a decade, so she’s had time to get her feet wet in the Painting with a Twist space. She’s worked hard to define her own schedule and streamline her responsibilities. So, we asked her what a typical work day in her life looks like, and this is what she shared:

1. Starting the day

As a mom of young children, Kimberly gets out of bed around 6 AM. Once she’s up, Kimberly gets herself and the kiddos ready. And then they’re out the door for school.

2. Arriving at the studio

Kimberly typically arrives at her studio by 8 AM. Although her studio doesn’t technically open until several hours later, she uses the early hours to run errands, process payroll, make event calendars, and organize employee schedules.

3. Prioritizing customers

Immediately after getting into the studio, Kimberly focuses on her customers’ needs first. She responds to missed calls, voicemails, and emails. Returning communication as quickly as possible and following through on leads is always her top priority. 

4. Throughout the day

Normally in a franchise operation, things rarely look the same from one day to the next. But typically, Kimberly continues her daily duties by responding to emails and phone calls as they come. 

In between communication, she works on her to-do list: scheduling social media posts, cleaning, and talking with anyone that stops by. And now that Painting with a Twist offers Pop in & Paint events, she also assists any walk-in painters.

5. Ending the day

Kimberly typically ends her work day around 5 PM. She locks up the studio, and her artists come in at 6 PM for evening classes. For the first few years of franchise ownership, Kimberly worked longer hours and stayed for every painting event. Over the years, she’s started to delegate certain tasks to her hired manager and lead artists, allowing for more autonomy in her schedule. 

What About Work-Life Balance as a Franchisee?

Speaking of Kimberly’s schedule, is a franchisee able to cultivate a healthy work-life balance? Here’s what Kimberly had to say about it: 

“I do feel as though I have a great work-life balance currently. I make my own hours and have adjusted them over time to fit my needs and allow me to be present for my family. I have great flexibility if a child is ill or I need to take off for a school function. And I have trained staff members who can fill in for me in a pinch.”

What Challenges Do Franchisees Face?

Life has its challenges, and owning your own business is no different. We wanted more than just the fun stuff, so we asked Kimberly what her most challenging days looked like as a business owner. She highlighted tough employee conversations.

“Whether it’s a customer complaint that must be addressed, or if an artist failed to do their closing duties, and I need to have a one-on-one with them. One of the aspects of owning a business I didn’t consider was human resources/employee management and having to let people go. Those are my most challenging days.”

But “challenging” isn’t always bad, right? Facing certain adversities can help you grow, build character, and flourish long-term. That’s why we asked Kimberly about her favorite challenge as a franchise owner. Here’s what she had to say: 

“Evolving. Through the decade that I’ve been with Painting with a Twist, this company has worked tirelessly to help us as franchisees stay relevant. When I opened, we had one surface and 2,000 paintings to offer. Now we have a dozen surfaces, nearly 20,000 paintings, black light parties, trivia nights, acrylic pouring, at-home kits, and more! While the changes haven’t always been easy (ex. Covid), I look back and am thankful that we have been able to evolve for our customers.”

What’s the Most Rewarding Part of Being a Franchisee at Painting with a Twist?

Although Kimberly’s best days on the job are often completely unexpected, she enjoys it when business is flourishing, and her customers are content. On the days when her website is busy, and the phones are ringing off the hook with event and party reservations, she’s at one of her happiest. 

But that’s not all. For Kimberly, the most rewarding part of being a Painting with a Twist franchisee is owning a studio that gives back to the local community through its philanthropy efforts. And each day, she’s able to bring joy to people who need a relaxing night out. 

“Some of our customers say we’re a therapy session, and it’s a joy to witness.”

What Does it Take to be Successful as a Franchise Owner?

Since Kimberly’s business has thrived over the years, we thought you might want a veteran’s perspective on what it takes to be successful as a franchisee. Beyond initial requirements, she recommends being flexible and adaptive to an ever-changing market. 

“…we wouldn’t be as successful of a brand if we didn’t have our Corporate Office encouraging us to take risks, make changes, and find ways to say YES.”

Joining Painting with a Twist as a franchise owner has tons of amazing perks. Not only do you receive immediate brand awareness and more, but our team helps you accomplish your goals and build a successful business. You’re never alone. And that is arguably one of the best benefits of being a Painting with a Twist franchisee.

Become a Franchisee at Painting with a Twist 

“You don’t need to paint or be creative to own a studio. If you have a passion for people and giving back to your community, then you’re in the right spot!”

Does working in a challenging, rewarding, and supportive environment sound like something you’d be interested in? There’s nothing quite like being your own boss, and it’s even better when you don’t have to walk the path alone. If you’re ready to add more color to your life and BYOB, start by visiting your local Painting with a Twist to experience an event for yourself! Then, request franchise information online to learn about ownership opportunities at Painting with a Twist today. 

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